ArTs at Bost/Terra Studios

On April 12th, 2023, ArTs at Bost NWA and Terra Studios hosted their first pottery workshop in Rogers. Four consumers (Jessica R., Deborah J., James M. and Wendy S.) and their staff attended. Wren Crockett from Terra Studios taught the class with assistance from Arts at Bost NWA art assistant, Holly Freeburg. The students learned about the clay (a red variety) practiced with the clay, kneading and working with the clay and then they learned how create an ornament by rolling out the clay, decorating the surface and poking a hole for a ribbon. After making ornaments students learned how to create a pinch pot by rolling the clay and pinching it into a shape that they liked. Students then decorated the surface of the pinch pots. After making ornaments and pinch pots students were able to experiment with the clay and make objects of their choosing. Once students finished their ceramics, they were taken to Terra Studios where they were allowed to dry fully and be bisque fired for the first time. After the first fire they were glazed with Amaco Turquoise glaze and fired a second time. The turquoise glaze with the red pottery provided a beautiful contrast so that details could stand out.  The pottery came out amazing and ranged from figures to baskets, bowls and flowers. ArTs at Bost NWA is looking forward to working with Wren and Terra Studios on future pottery workshops.