Staff, Do You Know about ArTs at Bost?

Art. Acting. Dance.

ArTs at Bost offers free, weekly art, acting, and dance classes to individuals served by Bost.
These are great activities for you to attend with your consumers. Please contact your manager if you are interested in getting a Bost consumer involved!

Community Partnerships

These classes are offered in partnership with various organizations in our community including:
  • Acting Creates Therapeutic Success (ACTS)
  • The OT Department at the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education
  • Western Arkansas School of Ballet
  • Arkansas Art Council
  • Art on the Border Art Show & Sale

ArTs at Bost Program Goals: 

Offer free, high-quality classes to increase the overall health and wellness of individuals we serve with physical and intellectual disabilities
Promote the mental, emotional, and physical health benefits of participation in the arts
Teach self-expression, confidence, communication, commitment, and creativity
Help our individuals meet their life goals by being able to socialize, create, and be a part of something greater than themselves
Create spaces of community and opportunity for consumers, staff, and volunteers
Grow and strengthen relationships with community partners

Health Benefits of Art

The Arts at Bost program is an excellent way for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities to experience a creative outlet, achieve their goals of artistic expression, and improve self-confidence.
We believe all forms of art have educational applications. Our classes teach self-expression and communication, as well as help the artists meet their life goals by being able to socialize, create, and be a part of something greater than themselves. They have the opportunity to learn self-expression and positive mental processing tools.
Art creates an avenue for release, and a moment in time that belongs only to the individual creating the art or performance. The world falls away, along with the stress of everyday living. 

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